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You Can Watch NHL on NHL.Tv Without Blackouts and Restrictions Using A VPN

With over 37 games played in this current NHL season already, things are surely getting more interesting than we had envisaged. We are seeing table leaders have more losing streaks than those they are leading – even though those ones have winning streaks to their names.

There is still a lot of action to go around and every team goes onto that ice rink, looking to get a piece of one another. How about we check out some of the ways to ensure you never miss any puck as it goes in anymore?

Popular viewing option – Cable TV

Those in the NHL target markets – the US and Canada, that is – will not be surprised by this choice.

Cable TV has been around for a long time and it has been the ideal choice for many looking to get the games live. We also love how cable TV brings all the content to us in one place, and with relative ease. But then, at what cost?

Considering the sheer cost of keeping the cord running has led many people to ditching cable TV. This would be seen as a better decision once you consider the rate at which NHL game blackouts negatively impact the experience for many people.

Of course, there is the issue of content limitation and geo-restrictions which makes it impossible for those outside the target market to get this game on TV.

It is for this reason that we sought out another suitable alternative that is sure to address these problems.

Recommended viewing option – NHL.Tv

NHL pulled one of their very best moves when they launched the NHL TV service. With it, they ensured that we had:

  • A streamlined service which offered just NHL and related content
  • The platform that allowed you concentrate on your NHL games without distractions of any sort
  • A better way to keep in touch with what is happening in the games
  • A cost-effective solution to seeing the games without having to pay for cable and
  • A fix that works for those not in the North American markets. In fact, the international version can be purchased in all of Germany, Greece, Russia, and so on.

Even though there are other streaming options in the market, they don’t offer most of the exclusive features you get on NHL TV. For one, most of them are limited to being used in the US alone.

On the other hand, they make you pay for additional content that they offer you and don’t even offer anything close to the video quality from NHL.Tv.

Streaming NHL from anywhere without blackouts

Even with NHL.Tv though, there are a couple of issues that come up from time to time. The platform has done its best to support a lot of regions outside of USA and Canada, but it still doesn’t cover everywhere.

Likewise, you will still be subject to game content blackouts when you watch NHL on from a region where the games are being played. To beat this, you should:

  • Get yourself a VPN
  • Connect to a supported server location (to view the games) or a server location where the game is not being aired (to beat blackouts)
  • Sign up for the subscription/ Login with existent credentials
  • Start streaming the games without hassles.

Wrap Up

Before the next game kicks off, you now know how best to get the games, and what to do in cases of blackouts. Enjoy your match!