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Why the tax on paper bags is not currently necessary

Many would agree that putting increased taxes on disposable goods that are bad for the environment would be a step in the right direction; however the tax on paper bags whilst well intentioned could do more harm than good. We all endeavour to make use of reusable bags when we do our shopping, however inevitably we forget and end up needing something to carry our goods with.

Paper is still a widely recycled material 

Despite the fact that many paper bags do end up in the landfill paper is still the most widely recycled material in the world. This is important as due to the size of paper bags they take up more space in landfills than their plastic counterparts. The manufacturing of paper bags also has a minimal impact on the environment.

Over two thirds of the water used to produce paper bags is returned to its original source after treatment. The same cannot be said for plastic bags which have a very intensive manufacturing process.

Paper bags are also easy to dispose of. For those of us using open fires to heat our home they offer good kindling and can be reused in a variety of other ways. If you find a strong brand of paper bag you will also be able to reuse it and reduce your carbon footprint in the process. 

Businesses that do charge for paper bags put money towards recycling 

You may find that whilst not currently obliged to some companies have elected to charge 5p for paper bags at checkouts. Whilst many consumers may be annoyed at this many companies reinvest the money into producing high quality paper bags with as smaller environmental impact as possible.

The Body Shop uses the 5p charge on its biodegradable paper bags to further reduce the environmental impact that they cause. Also having a 5p charge on paper bags will naturally encourage more people to adopt reusable options.  

Find a good paper bag supplier for your business

Paper Bags may not have zero environmental impact and a tax on them could damage there adoption and put extra pressure on those on lower incomes. If you feel your business could benefit from the adoption of paper bags visit the Paper Bag Co to get the highest quality products available for your customers.