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Warren Buffet Investment Tips For Investors

While there is no sure-fire way to deal with the ups and downs of today’s stock market, these five common-sensical investor tips will help any investor. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket, either. Diversification is one of those key ways you can better manage market volatility. If you have only one type of investment, it is important to diversify so you don’t risk everything in one fell swoop. A good portfolio should have some part of each of gold, natural gas, oil, silver, equity funds, and other options. Here are the five best investor tips to help you find the right combination of stocks:

Try to diversify within an asset class. Many investors focus solely on one type of investment, such as equities, bonds, or commodities, and do very poorly in the process. When trying to diversify, consider investing in other areas. An alternative investor tip is to take advantage of stock dividends by picking dividend paying stocks.

Buffet vs. Sale: Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, author of Never before written book, The Wealth of Nations, advocate the best investor tips for somebody who wants to be Buffet or Sale. These asset classes include stocks that trade on futures, currencies, and interest rates. Basically, these are the safest investments because you are diversifying away from the traditional mainstream investments. However, when you are choosing which sectors to invest in, you should also think about your own comfort level.

Buy when everybody else is selling: Another of Warren Buffet’s investor tips, this is somewhat confusing. The stock market price has a tendency to drop in a predictable pattern called a “bear market.” This is when everybody is fearful, so they will sell their stocks for lower prices. If you follow this type of market volatility, it is best to buy stocks when everybody else is selling, and then wait for the price to go up again.

Use market psychology to your advantage: Another of Warren Buffet’s investor tips, this is another good one. If there are opportunities to make bigger profits, then you should grab them. For example, if oil prices are going up, you should buy oil stocks. Even though it seems like everybody is moving towards oil stocks, you should still wait for an uptrend to develop before investing. This is because, while it’s true that oil prices are likely to go up, waiting for an uptrend will give you a much better chance of seeing a higher return.

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