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The Most Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Made to Be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. No matter how glamorous starting your own business sounds, it certainly isn’t easy. It doesn’t guarantee success or glamor. You may not want to do a 9 to 5 job but remember, with entrepreneurship, it’s a week-long struggle. There may be no holidays and maybe no sick leaves. You will have to start working at 8 am in the morning and continue doing so till 8 pm or even beyond that.

Do you think you can be an entrepreneur too? Here are the tell-tale signs of an entrepreneur.

You are confident

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who loves to stay inside his cave and never maintain contact with people? Do you think entrepreneurs are shy and reserved and don’t talk to people much? Think again. Confidence is one of the primary qualities of an entrepreneur and if he doesn’t have it, he will likely have a hard time in life too.

Confidence helps them in facing difficult situations in life, which come in plenty because they own a business. It helps them present their businesses to the world, gain everyone’s attention and become the most dependable brand ambassador for their business too.

Failures don’t bother you

Let’s face it. Even if you are an employee and working for someone else, you will have to go through some disappointments and failures. However, when you become a business owner, you will be responsible for everything in your business.

Failures will come in handy too, at least in the beginning. If you are able to cross this stage of early failures with your tenacity, you will definitely become a good entrepreneur. However, if you get afraid and give up, you will never be able to start a business in your life.

You are competitive but not a sore loser

An entrepreneur must be competitive. No matter which industry you choose, it is highly likely that you will find some competition. You should be competitive enough to survive in such an atmosphere. If you are not competitive but are highly aggressive and can’t handle a defeat, you will never be able to become an entrepreneur.

Understand that all the businesses in an industry have something good or unique to offer and this is why they have customers. You can compete with them, enter ad wars and try to outdo each other’s brands. They can win over you sometimes and that is okay.

If you are habitual of acting like a toddler and thinking that all the treats are for you only, you will have a hard time managing a business. Learn to handle defeat with a smile and get ready to cooperate with your enemies too.

Apart from this, there is one important trait of an entrepreneur that you must have. You should be ready for work for more than 40 hours a week. If you are scared of such demanding workweeks, then entrepreneurship is not for you. 60 hours is the barest minimum in this space.