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How to Use Mobile SEO Optimization as a Competitive Advantage

When people are reading guides for WordPress SEO, many of them forget important parts of it like mobile SEO. Having a plan for your mobile SEO in place will allow you to get out ahead of the competition. Many people set up their website and think they are done and totally forget about the fact that they need to be mobile optimized. This is a great way for you to get out in front of the competition.

Google even said that they are showing mobile friendly sites in the search engines before sites that are not optimized for mobile so making sure that your site is mobile is vital to your SEO success.

What Google Wants

If you understand what Google wants, you can optimize for it and rank better in the search engines. The good news is that Google is often more than happy to share best practices with you so you can rank high in the search engines.

As noted in the mobile first update that rolled out, Google wants your site to be mobile responsive. When you site is able to look good on not only desktop but also on other devices and with various browsers, Google is loving it. If on the other hand, your site shows up for desktop and ignores mobile, your search rankings will plummet.

Constantly optimizing and looking for ways to be more mobile friendly is important not only for SEO, but also for your user experience. If you have a good experience for your user on their mobile, you will see much better conversion rates.

Mobile Responsive Design

In 2018, 52.2% of website traffic is served on mobile devices so being mobile friendly is a no-brainer. Now that we know that google wants it, it is even more important to our online effectiveness.

When we say mobile friendly, what does that mean?

Mobile friendly means that you need to do one of the following three things.

You can use a responsive web design, dynamic content or you can have separate URLs for your mobile site. Google recommends using a responsive website design to get the job done. Unless you have a big reason you need to do it one of the other two ways, it is safe to say this is the best. While this is a good start down the path of mobile friendliness, there is more to do.

Optimizing for Mobile

If you aren’t sure if your mobile site is friendly or not, there are sites that will test it for you. Knowing where you are starting will help you understand what you need to do to get where you want to go.

If you aren’t already using Google Search Console, you need to get your website setup as soon as possible. This is a great tool that is put in place to help your website rank in the search engines as well as understand how to give the best functionality to its users.

When you check your site through GCS to see how well it is optimized for mobile it will check the following:

  • Whether or not your site uses flash. Most mobile users won’t be able to use Flash and this requires you update your technology.
  • If you viewport is not configured, GCS will pick up on it due to the fact that improper configuration will not let the browsers scale the page to suit the specific device.
  • If your viewport is fix-width because this would try to interrupt the mobile design.
  • If your content isn’t sized to viewport since this means your content won’t fit the window and the user will have to scroll but you can fix this issue by using relative widths instead of fixed widths.
  • If you have small font sizes which are hard for mobile users to read.
  • If touch elements are too close and would cause users to tap more elements than they want at any given time.
  • If there is interstitial usage where a full screen pop-up comes up when your page is viewed.

As you can see, there are many different things to look for when you are checking to see if your website is mobile optimized and making sure that you are giving the user the best experience possible.

Speed Up Your Site

When you look at the speed of your site, you want it to load in under 3 seconds and the faster the better. While speed is important on all sites, it is even more important on mobile since there are greatly varying speeds of service. Even if a user is viewing on 4G, the service might not be the best and if your site is slow, it is going to feel like it takes forever to load.

You can test your website and see how fast the mobile version is, even on 3G. Yes, believe it or not, there are still people out there who connect with 3g. Even if your site would appear faster on a quicker network, you want to serve everyone that wants to view your website.


When your site is highly optimized for mobile, you are out ahead of the competition. Most people are not thinking about the small but important fixes for their sites, but since you understand how important they are you can come up from behind and pass them with a blazing fast mobile site.

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