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Areas of Opportunity for IT Support in the Near Future

As new careers and job roles pop up with the increased adoption of technology in business, the role of IT support will have to adapt and evolve to match the increase in demand.

Some may see the forecasted change as a threat, however if you approach it as an opportunity, you could turn your business into a premier provider of new IT Support. Here are some of the potential new tech industries that will need future IT support. 

IT Support Around Machine Learning 

Machine learning is a concept that has been around for longer than you may think. The theorised Turing Machine is an early example of a computer that could develop and in theory become artificially intelligent.

The potential business applications are limited only to the imaginations of those willing to adopt in their companies. Businesses who process a lot of data may find that they are able to input algorithms that will work through spreadsheets for them, freeing up more valuable time.

This is an area of IT support which will require tailored assistance in the future. Indeed machine learning specialists may be required to offer support to business implementing the technology.

 Edge Computing 

Edge computing is a recent development on from cloud computing that focuses on distributing the computing’s storage to de-centralised locations. This is done through device ‘nodes’ which will attempt to bring the servers closer to the workforce, saving time and increasing general functionality.

IT support in this will be crucial as it is in theory, taking away some of the level of support taken on by the large cloud platform providers like Google and Microsoft. 

Blockchain Technicians 

Bitcoin and other forms of blockchain technologies have flowed in and out of relevance in the media. Interestingly many developers have started to experiment with how the technology could be used in other industries to store and share databases. Needless to say, the new technology, if adopted, will need expert IT support to manage its implementation. 

Internet of Things IOT 

One new technological adoption that will need IT support is the theorised ‘internet of things’. Essentially it is thought that as technology develops more and more everyday appliances will be integrated with Wi-Fi.

Whilst this offers a variety of benefits to consumers it could lead to more room for errors to occur in your systems. The developers of these new appliances will have to have a robust IT support network to deal with the implementation of the new technology. 

Find an Agile IT Service Provider 

If you’re a business who is trying to adopt new technology trends then finding an IT service provider who can give you the correct ongoing support will help your business to thrive in its future ventures.