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About me

To start with, I must introduce myself as an avid lover of everything related to business.  I come from a family which has been into business for three generations. My grandfather was an early investor and father is having a great time owning a transport company. As far as I am concerned, my bread and butter comes from learning and educating about investments, business and everything in between.

I completed my education from a well-known university which provided me with the base for cultivating my business intellect. You might be astonished to know this, but in childhood, I was not fond of numbers and doing business.  I was born with such an environment and was fed up with it.

My family pressurized me to learn about business through formal education. Initially, I was hesitant to attend the classes, but with time my interest in the subjects grew. I feel lucky enough to get an education from the best management professors on this planet. These were the people who made me realize my true potential and have been a guiding light since then.

After completing my education, I went on to work for some leading companies around the nation. Although I wanted to join the family business, yet my father insisted for me to experience life as an employee first. I cannot stop thanking him today as working for others in competitive environments has allowed me to understand business ethics like never before.

In those years I learned that business management starts from the highest level of authority and goes down to the lowest grade worker. It’s a team effort and every member counts.  Those who are not able to realize this fact soon run into unending trouble.

While going through this time, I met a lot of people who were not able to receive a better education and felt helpless doing business.  These were the brightest minds I’ve met, but due to lack of information, they failed one way or the other.  It struck to me that education is an important aspect of growth and should be available to everyone alike.

This changed my life, and I went on from being a high paid employee of a reputed firm to a thinker and teacher. I took on the responsibility of helping those who were not as fortunate as me.  In the beginning, I conducted classes at my backyard about the very essentials of doing business.  In no time I was educating 20 people coming from all walks of life.  These people were eager to learn about the ins and outs of business and their potential for living their dream.

Eventually, I was called by leading business schools and institutions for lectures. I was getting fame for making my students understand the complexities of doing business in an easy way.  While going from one university to other, I met many people who were willing to put in the hard work but wanted someone to guide them.

In the course of time, I concluded that there are millions of people who are dying to meet someone like me. It was that then I decided to build a website which will educate numerous people at the same time. Not only will it solve the problem of availability but will expose me to a new audience.

The task of developing a dedicated website was harder than I expected.  For the next six months, I created the content and outline of this information portal.  I was aided by some of my students who were more than happy to know about the cause for this move. This is one of the many reasons you will find only authentic information backed by real-world examples.

Our efforts have made this website one of the most trusted among students and professionals alike.  We are open to taking your comments and suggestions to develop it further. We are currently developing a new scheme of educating business terms to our readers which would be launched soon.

If you have any query or doubts regarding the matter, then you can freely send us a message, and one of our officials will settle your trouble. Till then keep hustling and never back down from hard work.