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5 Reasons why Rural England is Spawning More SEO Agencies

In the UK cities like Birmingham, Bristol, and particularly London are often viewed as the only place to find a reliable job in the digital economy. However, we now have more digital SEO agencies than ever based in rural parts of the UK.

These trailblazers have pathed the way for more of their kind, but why exactly are we seeing this kind of growth outside of London?

  1. Transport Links to The Capital are Getting Better

Construction projects like Hs2 and other railway links are reducing the number of barriers in place for travel. This is making it easier than ever for professionals from SEO agencies in the South-West and other regions to attend meetings with clients based in the capital.

Additionally, as the commuting times to London are reduced through better train links more SEO professionals are opting to live outside the capital and travel in.

  1. Remote Working is Becoming Easier

Industries like digital marketing are at the hub of the digital revolution as more people are able to work from home, or whilst travelling the globe. This is making it easier to use the services of technical SEO professionals who can improve your search rankings even if they are in Bath and you are in Birmingham!

Remote working will not only restrict you to finding talent in the UK. Many digital professionals exist around the world and many SEO agencies are employing their skills.

  1. The Rise of ‘Second-Generation’ Tech Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas

Since the digital revolution of the early 2000s, many entrepreneurs who made money in the industry congregated to the capital. This has led to the concentration of professionals in the city. Luckily this trend is being reversed with the increase in transport links and remote working. Now more tech professionals are imparting their knowledge onto the digital workforce in more rural parts of the UK.

  1. Larger Businesses are Moving Away from the Capital

This is an interesting development we have seen in recent years. Many businesses are moving their headquarters away from the capital to neighbouring cities like Bristol and Bath. The headquarters of building trade supplier Screwfix is now based in Yeovil. This is beneficial as it brings more jobs to the region!

  1. There are More Cultures of Collaboration

One thing that is often noted by those who come from the North to London is the change in culture. Many feel that the more open nature common across communities in the north of England makes collaboration across businesses and within internal teams easier. This is very beneficial if you are trying to create an SEO agency that fosters open communication and collaboration.

There are Examples of Great Digital Agencies across the South-West

If the UK is to continue to develop in the face of current uncertainty the economic prosperity seen in London will have to be made accessible to the rest of the country. We are starting to see this through an increase in small tech-based businesses cropping up around the counties outside of the capital.

A quick google search around Bath will turn up many different results of SEO agencies that will likely incorporate some kind of remote working in their office. Working with an agency that has a proven track record of delivering excellent digital services to clients will help your business to grow and develop.