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3 Ways To Contribute To Your Favorite Cause Without Spending A Ton Of Money

In our world today, there are thousands if not millions of people out there who are struggling. Whether they’re suffering from poverty, illness, displacement and more, there are organizations and nonprofits created the world over to help out those who are in need. For most people, when they think about helping those who are less fortunate, they automatically think in terms of money. But for those who can’t necessarily afford to donate money to a cause, you don’t have to feel like you can’t still help. To show you how you can still help to make a difference in the world, here are three ways you can contribute to your favorite cause without spending a ton of money.

Give Of Yourself

While donating money might seem like the simplest way to contribute to your favorite cause, giving doesn’t have to start or end with your wallet. The basic components of your body can also make for great donations for some causes. According to Brian Acton, a contributor to USA Today, you can give of your blood or donate your hair to a good cause. For the ultimate gift, you could become an organ donor and help someone stay alive or have a better quality of life once you’ve passed on. Giving of yourself in this manner can help you make a significant impact on someone else’s life without having to spend a dime.  

Share The Love Socially

If you feel like you don’t have anything that you can give physically, there’s still more you can do to help out your favorite charity. In fact, you could start doing this next idea right now if you wanted to. To help get a charity more exposure and encourage others to help, Real Simple suggests sharing information about the nonprofit or charity through your own social media channels. Especially if you have a personal connection with this cause, you may be able to share your story with your followers in the hopes of bringing more awareness to this issue and introducing those whom you know to contribute in any way they can as well.

Volunteer Your Time

For times when the only thing you have to give is your time, Brianna Bell, a contributor to The Penny Hoarder, shares that this can be one of the best things that you can give to your favorite cause. And luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can spend your time helping others. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit retirement homes, help at a community event, or just spend time creating, visiting, or working with people who are in need in your area.

If you want to help improve the lives of others but don’t think you can afford to do so, consider using the tips mentioned above to find other ways that you can contribute to a worthy cause.